This is a list of packets that you’ll see while interacting with DAoC if you ever take a peek at Dawn of Light or the newly formed project Eve of Darkness. Note:: At this time UDP is not supported by the portal launcher so these packets will not be documented at this time.

How to Read Packet Formats

Packet formats detailed later in this document are notated in Elixir binary format for ease of reading. For a quick reference here is a packet where the first bit of the first byte is an on/off flag and the last 5 bits are an integer detailing an id of some kind. Following that is a field of 24 bytes for a short description.

<<on_off::1, _::2, system_id::5, short_desc::bytes-size(24)>>

Here is a link for a more in depth explanation of the binary matching.

Client Packet Anatomy

All TCP packets that come from the client have this same general shape:

Segment Byte Size Description
size 2 The first two bytes describe how big the data payload is
sequence 2 The nth packet sent by the client
session 2 The assigned session id assigned by the server
parameter 2 Not known yet where this is used.
id 2 Identifies what kind of packet it is
data 1+ The payload of the packet and is size bytes big
checksum 2 Checksum of the data to ensure the packet is correct

Whenever this document talks about client packets it will focus on the data and id segments only; unless otherwise specified.

Server Packet Anatomy

TCP packets that the server sends are far less complex and take this shape:

Segment Byte Size Description
size 2 Byte size of the data payload
id 1 Identifies what kind of packet this is
data 1+ Payload of the packet and is size bytes big

All server packets will be referenced with their id and the data unless otherwise specified.

Client Packets

0xF4 Handshake Request

This is the first packet that the client sends when the game client attempts to connect to the server. In this packet is information about the client. Here is the breakdown of the packet data structure:

<<addons::4, type::4, major::8, minor::8, patch::8, rev::8, build::16>>
  • addons : Certain bits in this determine what additional packs are installed

0xA7 Login Request

0xA3 Ping Request