We have a server running if you want to poke around and see what we are up to. These are the instructions to get connected and check it out. Please read all of the instructions for each step before starting them.

1.) If you already have DAoC Installed for Uthgard or Live

Open up C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts in file explorer and temporarily rename the Dark Age of Camelot directory to Dark Age of Camelot tmp. This will be needed to allow for a fresh install of the game client.

2.) Download and run the setup

Click this to Download DAoC Setup

When you get to the part where it asks where you want to install the game; change it to have EOD at the end of it like this:

After the install is finished you can rename your original game installation if you had to from Dark Age of Camelot tmp back to Dark Age of Camelot.

2.) Click this to Install DOL Portal

Download and install the Dawn of Light portal. Running this installer is a bit strange. It will dump everything into the same directory that the installer is in, which will most likely be your downloads directory. You’ll probably want to create a shortcut for the portal, inside of this directory right click on Portal and select send to > Desktop (create shortcut).

After installation start the Portal and press Ctrl + S to bring up the settings. Once the settings are open you’ll want to find the directory you installed DAoc to for the DAoC Installation. Press the Browse button and locate the Dark Age of Camelot EOD game installation. Once you have it set click the Patch! button to have your client patched. When patching finishes you can close the patcher window.

3.) Click this to Download Alternate DLL

When you have this downloaded you will want to extract the file out of this zip and place it in your Dark Age of Camelot EOD directory. Now you will be able to connect to the server!

4.) Connect to the Server

From the DAoC Portal:

  1. Click on the Custom Shards tab.
  2. Right click inside the window under the tab and select Add Server...
  3. Set the name to Eve of Darkness
  4. Set the host name to falk.pw
  5. Click OK

Now you can put in any username and password you want, click on Eve of Darkness and press the Play! button. This will create an account for you automatically under that username and remember your password. If all went well you should connect.


  • Currently empty slots at the character selection screen have a weird headless model; don’t worry about that. You can create a new character just fine.